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Kudu hunted during trophy hunting safari in Namibia

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Procedures For Booking Hunting Safaris?

1. Get in touch with one of our representatives to discuss what animals you plan on hunting and how long you wish to stay in Namibia

2. Hai//Om Safaris will apply for a trophy hunting permit at the Ministry of Tourism and Environment. In order to complete this we will require your full name, physical address, contact number, e-mail address and a copy of your passport.

3. Once the permit is obtained, a Quotation / Invoice will be issued which requires a deposit of 50% to be paid in advance in order to confirm the hunting safari.

4. Now you can book your flight ticket. We also offer Airport Transfers for our hunting guests.

Can I Bring My Own Hunting Rifle?

It is possible to bring your own hunting rifle and 40 rounds of ammunition to Namibia. However, we advise to contact us ahead of time so we can advise whether your rifle would be suitable for the animals you plan on hunting.

Does Namibia Have A Hunting Season?

Yes, Namibia’s hunting season starts on the 1st February and ends on the 30th November of each year. In the months of December and January no hunting is allowed to take place

What Should I Bring Along For Hunting Safaris?

We recommend to bring along binoculars, a knife, headgear, sunscreen, light hiking boots and warm clothing if you come in the Namibian winter season.

Do I Need To Be A Licensed Hunter?

No hunting license is required in your country of origin, it is only an requirement to obtain a trophy hunting permit from the Ministry of Tourism in Namibia, but we will take care of that. It would be beneficial to have adequate shooting and/or hunting experience though.

Do I Need To Be Physically Fit For The Hunting?

This would be beneficial of course as the best hunting experience comes with stalking animals. However, we also have high seats for hunting guests that are not physically fit or have problems walking. We do NOT offer hunting directly from vehicles though.

Für Buchungen oder weitere Anfragen können Sie sich auch bei uns telefonisch oder per Post melden.


Kontak Details:

Telefon: +264 67 234 291

Mobil: +264 611 6099 ( Harald )


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Standort Der Lodge

The Hai//Om Safari Lodge ist 8km von Otavi, Namibia

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Berechnen Sie die Kosten Ihrer Jagdsafari in Namibia

Jagdtage – € 270 / Tag

Eingeschlossen sind Unterkunft, 3 Mahlzeiten am Tag, Jagdführer, Jagdfahrzeug


Ruhetage / Ankunftstage – € 117 / Tag

Eingeschlossen sind Unterkunft, 3 Mahlzeiten am Tag



Markieren Sie alle Tiere die Sie Jagen möchten

Leihwaffe – € 25 / Tag

Möchten Sie eine Waffe vor Ort leihen?



Markieren Sie alle Extras die relevant sind


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